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** Rates above provided by a third party, and assume a best case customer. This means 20% down payment or equity, 740 or higher middle credit score, and a conforming loan. For FHA loans, just 3.50% down payment. Your exact situation and loan program may be different. While we do everything possible to make this information accurate, a full application, including a review of your supporting documents, including W2's, pay stubs, bank statements, a credit report, and appraisal are all required to guarantee the exact interest rate and closing costs you will be offered. Not an offer to extend credit per Regulation Z. Rates subject to change until locked.


Personalized Wisconsin interest rates and closing cost quotes

wi mortgage interest rate quoteBy giving us a few details, we can provide you with an more accurate quote of our most current rates. We are aware that many companies do post their ‘rates’ on their sites, however, because there are several variables that determine your actual rate, you may be viewing rates that are inaccurate or require such stringent qualification requirements that most borrowers do not qualify for that rate. Be careful of focusing too much on a published Interest Rate that may be a representation of a product that does not relate to your situation or the broader scope of your needs.


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