USDA Rural Deveopment Loan in MN, WI


We provide these loans in Minnesota and Wisconsin


Are you looking to purchase a rural home with no down payment?


Have you heard all the buzz about Wisconsin USDA Loans and want to find out more?


USDA rural development loans have helped thousands of people in Wisconsin buy homes with no down payment than just about any other mortgage loan program.




Are easier to qualify for because they are guaranteed by the federal Government. This means lenders are more willing to approve more people.


Have no down payment - The lack of a down payment is the biggest hurdle stopping most people from buying a house. With no down payment required... No reason why you can't buy a home today.


Allow less qualified people to buy a home - You don't have to have perfect credit to qualify (but you can't have bad credit either)


Are more affordable because they offer lower interest rates than other loans, and they have cheap mortgage insurance compared to other loans - making the home more affordable to you.


As a official USDA loan lender in WI, we can offer some of the lowest USDA mortgage rates around. We are very experienced USDA mortgage professionals that will guide you in the right direction, and keep you informed of your loan throughout the process.


You don't need to go to a WI USDA Office - While the people at the local WI USDA Office may be nice people, they only know, offer, and understand USDA loans. If another loan option is better, they wouldn't know about it, and can not offer it.


If you don't qualify for a USDA loan. They can't help you further. You'd have to start all over again with a different lender. Save yourself the trouble. Let us our WI USDA Loan Experts take your situation from the initial application to closing with the best and  and  most appropriate Wisconsin home loan for you.



This program is, in my humble opinion the best mortgage available to help Wisconsin home buyers.


WI USDA Loan highlights:

  • No down payment
  • Roll in closing costs
  • Very low PMI (private mortgage insurance) costs
  • It is NOT just for super "rural" areas. USDA definition of rural, and what most of us consider rural, may be two different things.
  • All homes, condos and townhomes qualify if there are in a "eligible area".
  • 640 credit score or higher
  • Properties that produce income (farm, duplex, business on property) do not qualify

Get Approved for a USDA Home Loan in 3 simple steps


  1. Do a  USDA INCOME Eligibility Check
  2. Do a USDA PROPERTY Eligibility Check
  3. Apply Online or call (651) 552-3681


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