Buying a home both exciting and scary. If you're like most people in Madison, Milwaukee, or anywhere in Wisconsin, purchasing a home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make in your lifetime.


If you're considering buying a home, you're likely aware of the complexity of the endeavor. Because of the numerous factors to consider when purchasing a home, it's important to prepare as best you can.


This means sitting down to make realistic decisions on type of house, location, bedrooms, and more with a Real Estate Agent.


It also means sitting down with your Loan Officer to find out what mortgage programs you qualify for, how much house you can afford, how much money you will need for down payment and closing costs, what are interest rates, and finally, what will the payments look like.


We can't help on what home to pick out, but we can tell you that the financing aspect is way too important to let some application clerk at a bank handle this for you.  You need an experienced, licensed, and fully dedicated mortgage professional to help you make great loan decision, and to finding the loan that fits your individual needs.


Some very popular Mortgage programs are:

Typical Loan Amortization Choices:


Fixed Rate loans

  • 30-year
  • 25-year
  • 20-year
  • 15-year
  • 10-year fixed

Adjustable loans

  • 10/1 - Fixed for first 10-years
  • 7/1 - Fixed for first 7-years
  • 5/1 - Fixed for first 5-years
  • 3/1 - Fixed for first 3-years
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