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  • Does your credit score affect mortgage approval? You bet.

    Does your credit score affect mortgage approval? You bet. There are several factors that lenders look at that affect your ability to get a mortgage. Your credit score being an important one. Here's a breakdown of credit scores and how likely you [...]

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    Ways to be a better home buyer

    Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years (no judgment here, we wouldn’t blame you) you’ve seen the headlines and you have heard the chatter surrounding the current housing market. This market is a tough one and the [...]

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    June is national Homeownership Month

    June is National Homeownership Month We all need a place to live. While renting works for many people, especially short-term, homeownership has a well documented history of major benefits, proving why throughout history so many people are eager to [...]

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    You serve? Get a VA Loan

    Madison, WI:  When looking to purchase or refinance a home, don't forget about the amazing VA Home Mortgage Loan if you are active or former US Military of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines.  Thank you for your service.  The VA [...]

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    Low Rates: Opportunity is Still There, For Now

    Over the past year, we’ve been spoiled with mortgage interest rates at rock bottom levels we’ve never seen before. Recently though, toward the end of September, rates increased. Don’t panic… You haven’t missed your opportunity to save with [...]

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    A common question people applying for home mortgage loans is how does their deferred student loan effect mortgage qualifying First understand that while a student loan may be deferred, lender reasoning is that eventually you will have to start [...]

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    2019 Super Mortgage Professionals

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CAMBRIA MORTGAGE HOME TO FIVE SUPER MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS Super Mortgage Professionals is compiled yearly by Twin Cities Business and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., November 21, 2019 -- The 2019 [...]

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    Minneapolis, St Paul, MN: We all have heard of the importance of getting mortgage lender Pre-approved for a home loan before shopping for home, But did you know, Real Estate Agents look down on Pre-approval Letters from big national internet lenders,[...]

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    DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS MHFA Start Up and Step Up down payment assistance programs in MN for First Time Home Buyers Have $1,000?  Have OK Credit?  Than YOU can be a homeowner. The biggest hurdle for many first time home buyers is [...]

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    Do I qualify?



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    Do I qualify?

    Do You Qualify for a Mortgage? Twin Cities, MN: Every year, millions of potential new home owners ask the question, “can I qualify for a mortgage?”   It’s a scary question for many people, but getting the answer isn’t [...]

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